Website Marketing & Online Promotion

Promoting your website is just as vital as is getting your site up in the first place. Once the site development is complete, it can be difficult to get business from your website if people don’t see you in the Search Engines.

Search Engine positioning is highly competitive. Getting onto page one in Google takes a good deal of research, expertise, and time, particularly if your website is new.

Why use a Web Marketing Specialist?

Successful online marketing requires a good understanding of website structure, the role content plays, and search engine behaviour; coupled with the ability to match activity to your business to achieve optimum results.

With over 20 years’ internet marketing experience, Bounce Marketing combines a wealth of industry knowledge with comprehensive web marketing skills to give your website the best exposure possible.

Bounce Marketing focuses on:

Online Marketing goes beyond Search Engine Optimisation

Site optimisation is merely one aspect of website marketing. Because top positioning in Google is difficult to maintain, Bounce looks at a range of activity to enhance your search engine profile ~ so you’ll be found in all the right places.

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