Social Media

Paid Ad Campaigns on Social Media have a very high impact visually, and are more effective in conveying brand persona, than Search campaigns.

Social Advertising Strategy

The level of reach, detailed targeting, and connection to audience allows Social Ads to work well for brand promotion, driving audience interaction, sales generation, and keeping the conversation going with existing customers.

Ad Campaigns with Bounce Marketing are designed to align with other messaging and brand values within your business, while sitting in context with your Organic content on Social.

Testing is incorporated into Campaign strategy, with Social media providing highly flexible options for A/B testing around ad creative, messaging, audience demographics & interests. The insights gained from the testing process enables spend to be directed where it is most likely to produce the best results.

Ads run on the Social platform that is appropriate to audience and objective; with target audiences being cultivated based on informed insights, research and testing.

Bounce Marketing provides Social Advertising Campaigns on any of the following:

•    Facebook
•    Instagram
•    YouTube
•    Pinterest
•    LinkedIn

Managed Social Campaigns

Paid Social Campaigns are managed; which includes consultation on advertising strategy, producing ad creative/content, measurement of conversions/interactions, performance reporting and insights.

Why Bounce Marketing:

•    Effective in structuring Campaigns, and choosing placements to achieve desired results/sales.

•    Employs sound testing methods that provide a pathway to highly focused Campaigns.

•    Adept at apportioning budgets to boost profitability.

•    Prudent and effective Campaign management.

•    Informative and insightful reports, that guide the process of Campaign evolution and decision-making.

•    Technical proficiency, when it comes to troubleshooting, and rectifying issues.

•    Regular liaison with clients to keep abreast of developments, define/cultivate strategy, adapt activity, and discuss opportunities.

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