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To realise the true potential of your website or e-commerce store, search engine optimisation is a must.

Any site or profile coming up on the first page of Google (without being an Ad), lends instant credibility to your business, as you’ve earned the right to be there. Strong natural or “organic” positioning also provides a highly engaged and responsive customer.

Of all the Search Engines, Google continues to dominate. In New Zealand alone, Google accounts for more than 91% of all desktop searches, and over 98% of all mobile search traffic.  Globally, the overall share is approximately 92%.
(source Statcounter Global Stats, 2020).

And while it can take a good deal of time to see the full benefit of SEO in Google; it’s a long-term investment that has the potential to deliver the best ROI.

Specialist SEO Expertise

Gaining desirable positioning is not an easy process. It requires a good understanding of website structure, the role content plays, and search engine behaviour; coupled with the ability to match activity to your business to achieve optimum results.

The IP gained from optimising websites and monitoring performance in Google for more than a decade, means that Bounce is able to combine a wealth of Industry knowledge, best-practice SEO techniques, with comprehensive web skills to give your website the best exposure possible.

Bounce Marketing SEO services include:

Search Phrase Selection

Selecting keywords based on what your business does, may not always tie in with what people type into a search engine. Imagine looking for a service or product on Google; search phrases are generally terms that fulfil a need, rather than describe a business.

Bounce uses various tools and methods to select keywords that will work best to generate business.

Website SEO / Optimisation

Bounce Marketing will assess your rankings, and improve your positioning by looking at:

Local or Region-Specific SEO

More and more people are looking for places, products for services in their vicinity, particularly when they are out and about on mobile devices.

Google therefore does it’s utmost to provide quality and relevant search results based on your location settings.

Bounce carries out specific localised SEO across your website and social media profiles to ensure you feature well.

Search Engine Positioning

This covers an assessment of your rankings in Google. Both at the outset, and after optimisation has taken place. Along the way, positioning is checked and adjustments are made where a boost is needed.

Optimisation Maintenance and Development

Search Engines are changing their ranking formulas all the time, so it’s important to keep abreast of changes.

Bounce undertakes regular updates to ensure positioning is retained.

Search Engine Penalty Correction

If your website or Social Profile has suddenly plummeted out the page rankings, you may be suffering from a search engine penalty.

Not to worry… Bounce can identify and correct penalties that may be affecting your performance.

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