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Across the spectrum of digital marketing activity, natural or “organic” search results continue to produce the highest level of engagement and sales. It therefore has a powerful role in your digital strategy.

Rather than going for high volumes of traffic, Bounce tailors an SEO solution that focuses on the searches that are most likely deliver the ideal customer or sale.

This is determined through prudent keyword/search phrase selection, best-practice SEO on the website or e-commerce store, and the inclusion of other digital media to ensure optimum visibility in search results.

Optimised for Google

Use of Google by far outstrips any other search engine, with it accounting for approximately 92% of the global search market. (Source: Statcounter Global Stats, 2021).

Bounce Marketing therefore focuses SEO activity around attaining a strong presence in Google.

Why Bounce Marketing:

•    Skilled at researching and determining keyword/search phrases that are most likely to deliver business/sales.

•    Works to a process that establishes credible positioning. While looking at retaining and extending site coverage in the long term.

•    Keeps clients updated on their visibility in search results – monitoring and reporting on positioning, and KPI’s.

•    Stays abreast of SEO changes and developments within the Industry.

•    Able to identify problems that have a detrimental impact on performance in search. Will investigate, advise, and work with clients to rectify.


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